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There are multiple reasons to test sperm: Questions about fertility, impact of drugs such as Testosterone, Steroids or Anti-balding medication and lifestyle or environmental influences. Infertility is on the rise globally and a new consciousness is being raised to monitor sperm health as an indicator of general health.

Enter, the YO Home Sperm Test, a >97% accurate, FDA cleared, personal screening test for MOTILE SPERM – a parameter that combines both sperm concentration and motility – two sperm parameters that the WHO defines as key for identifying fertility potential. With automatic test results, a video of the sample and the new YO SCORE, men can receive results quickly and know where they stand compared to other men. The YO HOME SPERM Test was developed by Medical Electronic Systems, 20 year experts in automated semen analysis with over 3,500 commercial grade analyzers placed labs in over 40 countries.



Quick Facts about YO

  •  Available in two configurations: (1) YO for PC/MAC and ANDROID and (2) YO for iPhone applications (unique YO clip for individual iPhone models 5 through X/Xs).

  •  Kits contain a YO Device + all materials to run 2 tests.

  •  Options for sale: On the shelf or through online outlets using our Affiliate partnership model
    (could be optimal for iPhone Kits to avoid stocking multiple SKU’s).

  •  YO is backed by direct support from the manufacturer.

  •  At an end user price point of $69.95 for the YO PC/MAC/ANDROID, YO is both affordable and provides significant value for the retailer and the consumer.

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