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I Tested My Sperm Using Only My Phone And My Buddies Can Swim

I could see how some men might be hesitant to see a doctor about their sperm — they could learn some surprising truths and *gasp* have to actually talk about it. (And god forbid it mess with their masculinity.) Regardless, it’s an uncomfortable situation when you’re not used to these types of test.

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At-home sperm health selfies are on the rise - Techcrunch

At-home sperm health selfies are on the rise

Weird-moving sperm contributes to around 40 percent of cases where couples have a hard time getting pregnant, but it can be awkward, expensive and a hassle for a guy to go through depositing sperm at the doctor’s office to find out if it’s moving the right way. The YO device measures motile sperm count to […]

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