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Express Healthcare YO Home Sperm Test Showcase. Turning Me into We through Motile Sperm Count analysis on a smartphone in the comfort of home.

MES Launches YO Home Sperm Test in India

It is a video-based smartphone platform to measure Motile Sperm Concentration which is a critical factor in determining male fertility. Medical Electronic Systems (MES), a Los Angeles based technology company specialising in rapid Automated Semen Analysis, launched YO Home Sperm Test in India, a video-based smartphone platform that is FDA-cleared to measure Motile Sperm Concentration […]

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YO Sperm Test Multi-Functional Smartphone Wins GOLD

INSPIRATION: Globally, roughly 15% of couples face infertility. 30% of the ‘problem’ is attributed to men. In many cultures, the male is NEVER tested or only after no female cause is established. The embarassment/fear a man faces when openly confronting his infertility hits his core masculinity and biological ‘purpose’ in life – procreation. We wanted […]

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The YO Home Sperm Test, which was launched in India on Thursday, is a US FDA-cleared kit that lets one both view and measure the number of motile (moving) sperm in their sample, on their phones, from the comfort of their homes with 97 percent accuracy.

Couple Has Invented World’s First Smart DIY Sperm Fertility Test – With Video of Your Swimmers!

Marcia and Gabe Deutsch have been at it for fifteen years and counting; the LA-based entrepreneur couple has been trying to perfect swift, accurate and increasingly automated semen analysis. While they have ‘conceived’ a suite of technologies to let you know all about the soldiers you’re commanding, their latest is the most sophisticated one yet. […]

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YO Showcased on The Pulse At Home Semen Analysis by smartphone for male infertility testing semen analysis

YO Home Sperm Test Showcased on The Lorraine Show on ITV

Check out YO Home Sperm Test showcased on The Lorraine Show on ITV with Dr. Hilary.  In the Fertility focused Pulse section of the show YO is acknowledged as a great way to view and test male sperm before an infertility treatment.  Filmed around Easter, eggs are in everyone’s focus.  Dr Hilary is constantly being […]

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Germany Can Take the Couples Journey with YO Home Sperm Test

Fertility of a Woman and a Man – With high accuracy, YO Home Sperm Test offers an application that has gained much attention since their launch in March 2017.  Behind the product is an Application that men can use at home to test their sperm quality.  The test kit includes a measuring cup, a test strip, a pipette, a […]

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See YO in Celebrity Angeles – Live to 100 – From Me to We Starting with the Swimmers

The YO Home Sperm Test “From ME to WE” campaign has been featured in Celebrity Angels online addition.  Having children is a human need, yet 700 Million couples worldwide face challenges with infertility.  33% of the time the man is involved which makes an at home semen analysis screening of your Motile Sperm a great […]

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MEL logo - Yo Sperm Test mentioned on MEL magazine

How the MEL Men’s Sperm Stacks Up Compared to the Average Guy’s

Our sperm are dying. First, men are responsible for 40 percent of cases of infertility, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. Second, sperm concentration among Western men has fallen by more than 50 percent since 1973. Third, Father Time throttles whatever is left as male fertility gradually degrades once a guy hits his late 30s. That adds up to a […]

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