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Coping with infertility. Anamika Mukherjee's story.

You’re not alone, you just have to reach out.

YO interviewed Anamika Mukherjee, the author of “Adopted Miracles”, a book that discusses the journey that Anamika and her husband took to become parents, detailing their deeply personal experience coping with infertility. The experience of creating a family is an intensely intimate one and a journey unique to every couple. For couples grappling with infertility, […]

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What can be done about men's falling sperm count?

Will Male Infertility Doom Mankind?

“Male Infertility Crisis In US Has Experts Baffled” cried a recent Newsweek magazine article. The headline of an article in the Guardian, a newspaper from the UK, said, “The Infertility Crisis is Beyond Doubt. Now Scientists Must Find A Cause.” It’s no wonder, then, that people have started asking the question: “Will male infertility doom […]

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Sperm Motility is different in space

YO In Space!

NASA is preparing for MISSION SPERM – yes, sperm is going to outer space! NASA’s Micro-11 mission is getting ready to take frozen containers of this procreative payload to the International Space Station (ISS). Why? To see what the effect of long-duration space travel and reduced gravity conditions have on both sperm motility and the […]

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