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How much alcohol is ok when trying to conceive?

How much alcohol is too much when you’re trying to conceive?

When actively trying to get pregnant, it’s not just women who have to think about their alcohol consumption.  Alcohol affects our brains and our judgement, especially if we’ve had a bit too much. Interestingly, alcohol ALSO  affects how men’s brains communicate with their testicles. This can translate into both decreased testosterone AND sperm production. It […]

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YO! Our first baby is on the way!

In January, 2018, the YO team from Los Angeles was attending CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas. They were taking in all the excitement of CES when they were approached by a handsome, happy gentleman, named Gabriel del Rio. Gabriel’s first question was, “Are you the guys from YO home sperm test?” Pointing to […]

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