CES 2020 Follow Up | YoSperm Test

CES 2020 Follow Up

A very special Thank You to all who came by our booth at the Sands Convention Center at the 2020 CES conference. 


The YO team is hard at work, providing semen analysis and couples fertility solutions to individuals, laboratories, farms, and clinics worldwide.  It was an honor to showcase our product at the Consumer Electronics Show and would like to keep in touch with all our new friends who stopped by.  Please drop us a line with any questions, collaboration ideas, thoughts, or feelings!  Start the Couple’s Journey towards pregnancy in the privacy of home and… 

Remember, it All Started with a Sperm!

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The YO Team

YO is a home sperm test that uses smartphone technology to report motile sperm concentration (the number of moving sperm) and provides a live sperm video - all from the comfort of a smartphone. The YO Home Sperm Test is the first consumer product offered by Medical Electronic Systems (MES), an established developer and manufacturer of commercial-grade automated semen analyzers serving the needs of laboratories for the past 20 years.

The YO Team