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YO Home Sperm Test Fall Fertility Recommendations for Semen Anaylsis

Embrace Fall and Sperm Health

When leaves change color, and your coffee is flavored with pumpkin spice, it can only mean one thing – fall has arrived. While the season’s change brings obvious highlights like football, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, it also brings unique opportunities to improve sperm health.  When you are trying to conceive, the same old routine can grow old. […]

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Three Makes a Baby Jana Rupno YO Home Sperm Test

Three Makes a Baby with Jana Rupnow

CHECK OUT THE THREE MAKES A BABY PODCAST WITH YO HOME SPERM TEST HERE. From Jana Rupnow of Three Makes a Baby:  “Male factor infertility contributes to approx 30-40% of all fertility related problems. Unfortunately, azoospermia (zero sperm) is a condition that is becoming more common. . So guys, I advise you to test your […]

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Intimate Ideas for Labor Day

Labor Day is upon us, and we hope to celebrate our hard work and achievements by enjoying some quality R and R. Traditionally, people enjoy the long weekend with a vacation, party, or cookout. But, if you are trying to conceive, it can be hard to relax through the pressures of conception, the stress of […]

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What Does YO Report?

SEMEN ANALYSIS OVERVIEW: In cases of infertility, the man is a contributing factor in approximately 50% of cases.  A semen analysis is conducted to test a man’s sperm count (concentration), moving sperm (motility), normally shaped sperm (morphology), and other parameters.  One of the most important factors in achieving a pregnancy is the number of motile […]

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Male Fertility Sperm Testing Privately at Home Check Sperm Motility and Count

Parents Day 2020

The yearning for children has been an inherent part of human nature since the beginning of time. Although birthrates in the United States have declined significantly in the past decades, the desire to have children has remained steady.  A Gallup study from 2013 showed that more than half of Americans between the ages of 18-40 […]

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Fathers Day YO Home Sperm Test Remember it All Started with a Sperm

Father’s Day 2020

With Father’s Day around the corner, many families are gearing up to celebrate the special man in their life who they call Dad. But for the 1 in 8 couples who struggle with infertility, Father’s Day can be a challenging time. Yes, a father-in-waiting may have his own father or grandfather to celebrate on that […]

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