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The gold standard in automated sperm analysis

over 20 years of experience in semen analysis systems

Medical Electronic Systems (MES), the company behind the YO Home Sperm Test, is the largest single provider of automated sperm analyzers in the U.S. With over 40 percent market share, it is widely respected in the industry as the gold standard in comprehensive automated semen analysis. MES’s line of automated sperm quality analyzers are used in hospital labs, universities and IVF centers globally.

It all started with a sperm

Realizing that many men are hesitant to get tested in a clinical setting, the MES team took on the challenge of adapting its cutting-edge technology to a home setting.

the first FDA-cleared smartphone based solution for testing your MOTILE sperm.

Following rigorous clinical development and testing, MES received FDA-clearance for the YO Sperm Test home kit in 2016.

Meet the experts


Gabriel is the owner and chairperson of MES, a global medical device company widely respected in the industry as the gold standard in comprehensive automated semen analysis. Prior to founding MES, Gabriel served as the CEO of several companies in the health services field, including Diagnostic Technologies, Ltd., USC Sperm Bank, and United Medical Systems, Inc. He has also worked as a product manager for Bentley Laboratories and a healthcare consultant for PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Gabriel is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of California, with a B.A. in Economics from UCLA and an M.B.A. from UCLA’s Anderson School of Management.

Gabe Deutsch

Chairperson and Owner

Marcia is the owner and CEO of MES, a global medical device company widely respected in the industry as the gold standard in comprehensive automated semen analysis. MES is her second successful business venture. Marcia was the founder and CEO of MedCap Medical Cost Management, a company that provided hospital bill auditing services to major health insurance companies and became the leading medical bill auditing firm in the Western United States. She eventually sold MedCap in 1999 to Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. a public company. Prior to MedCap, Marcia worked as a registered nurse and nurse manager. Her strong background in medicine and experience in a variety of areas of the healthcare industry inspired her to become an entrepreneur in the medical services field.

Marcia Deutsch

CEO and Owner

A highly experienced mechatronics engineer with multidisciplinary knowledge in mechanical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications engineering, system and control engineering, Beni is an experienced leader who can move innovative products from concept to release. Holding a M.Sc in control systems from the prestigious Technion Institute and an B.Sc in agricultural engineering, Beni uses his training and expertise to innovate next-generation solutions and applications to meet customer’s needs.

Beni Cohen

Director of Research and Development

An experienced bio-medical and mechanical engineer, Assaf specializes in biofluids mechanics and mechanical design. With a Master’s in Bio-Medical Engineering from the Technion and Mechanical Engineering & Management from Tel Aviv University, Assaf has extensive experience in mechanical design including optical systems, CNC and plastics molds. He is an expert leader in engineering, production design and manufacturing and experienced in regulatory processes including ISO, CE, FDA, CMDCAS and AMAR standards. He is an avid runner and nature enthusiast.

Assaf Ben Shoshan

Director of Engineering and Operations

Taly graduated with honors from the bio-medical engineering department of the Technion (Israel Institute of Technology) with a focus on biomechanics and biological signal processing. Before joining the MES team in 2009, where she is in charge of regulatory and QA, Taly worked as a product manager at EndoCross developing solutions for arterial occlusions.

Taly Vider Cohen

Regulatory, QA and Projects Manager

A mechanical engineer trained at the Ben Gurion University. He is project manager of the mechanical product development team at MES and is an avid surfer and skateboarder.

Lior Shriki

Engineering Manager

Marina has a B.Sc (graduated with honors) from the biotechnology department at the Ruppin Academic College and is in the process of completing an M.Sc in Biology from Tel-Aviv University. Before joining MES, where she manages all clinical aspects of the YO product, from feasibility studies to product release, she was involved in marine biology research.

Marina Friling

Laboratory Manager

A graduate of the computer engineering program at the Rupin College, Itay is an innovative programmer who works on Android based phone applications and a variety of other programming platforms. Itay leads the YO software programming/user interface team.

Itay Golan

Development Team Manager (Android)

Eli holds a B.Sc degree in materials engineering from Ben Gurion University. Before joining the MES team, where he develops software and leads the development of the YO app for iPhone based phone platforms, Eli was an application engineer at Sagitta.

Eli Malyanker

Development Team Manager (IOS)

Eyal holds a B.Sc in biomedical engineering from Ben Gurion University.He comes from a large family with a professional focus in the medical field. Eyal is passionate about medical innovation and robotics.

Eyal Kaynan

Plant Engineer

A passionate communicator and storyteller, Elana has worked in humanitarian aid, tourism and business helping organizations tell their stories, hone their messages and drive growth. A US native who has worked in several different countries, she loves to get off the beaten track and create connections. She is passionate about using technology and media to bring services and information to everyone, and sees personal health technology as a way to do so.

Elana Kaminka

Product Marketing