9 promising at-home lab test startups for everything from fertility to STDs

It’s easier than ever to skip the doctor and go straight for the at-home test these days, thanks to updated regulations and the technology to match – and for many, it’s the answer to invasive and expensive hospital visits.

TTC? Test your partner’s sperm count for cheap, right at home – BabyCenter Blog

In the early weeks and months of trying to conceive, it’s hard to know if patience is all you need or if something isn’t quite right. For many couples, investigating what’s keeping them from getting pregnant is not only a daunting journey, it’s an expensive one.

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“They’re swimming around so erratically, I’m trying to figure out how they even get to the egg in the first place.”

At-home sperm health selfies are on the rise

Weird-moving sperm contributes to around 40 percent of cases where couples have a hard time getting pregnant, but it can be awkward, expensive and a hassle for a guy to go through depositing sperm at the doctor’s office to find out if it’s moving the right way. The YO device measures motile sperm count to make sure sperm is moving the right way rather than just sperm count overall.

Now You Can Monitor Your Swimmers Straight From Your Smartphone

All jokes aside, YO Home Sperm Test is a neat new device that allows you to check male infertility without having to wait for an appointment with the doctor. This is an important thing to know if you’re trying to get pregnant or if you just want to know your overall health….

YO Sperm Tester

Male fertility tests are rarely pleasant. The YO Sperm Test lets you see how your swimmers are doing from the comfort of your own home. Using an app and a phone-eating “clip” with a mini-microscope built-in, it’s able to test your sperm in just a few minutes.

Couples Can Now Test Sperm On A Smartphone App, & It’s Shockingly Accurate

Turns out Apple was right all along — there really is an app for that. And by that, I mean couples trying to get pregnant can, beginning in January, test sperm on a smartphone app approved by the FDA.

This device, called Yo, will show you live video of your sperm

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a company turn a smartphone camera into a microscope, although this is one of the first times we’ve seen it applied for male fertility. YO could also spare women more invasive tests by first ruling out men’s fertility issues when trying to get pregnant.

Video: New Fertility Device Lets Men Analyze Their Sperm at Home

A new fertility device lets men test their sperm at home. The YO Home Sperm Test is an at-home male fertility test which allows men to test their sperm by essentially turning their phones into microscopes.

Male fertility app turns phones into microscopes

Men worried about their fertility will soon be able to take a close-up look at their sperm’s swimming ability using a gadget that clips on to their phone to test the sperm.

Aspiring fathers can now test the strength of their swimmers right at home

The YO Home Sperm Test is a kit for screening fertility in private by using a smartphone camera as a microscope.

How you can turn your mobile phone into a STETHOSCOPE

YO, which tests male fertility, is much less threatening than going to a doctor when trying to get pregnant. YO is, to put it simply, a private product for a private issue.

YO Sperm Tester for Smartphones

They’ve had smartphone attachments that tell you whether or not you’re sober enough to drive for years now, so it’s only logical YO is coming out with one to tell you whether or not you’re fertile enough to make babies when you’re trying to get pregnant. The YO Kit is the first FDA-cleared smartphone-based apparatus that tests your sperm.

At-Home Fertility Test Turns Your Smartphone Into World’s Squirmiest Sea-Monkey Tank

In just a few minutes—without any sperm touching your phone—you can run your own, private, FDA-cleared YO home sperm test. By specifically measuring motile (that is, moving) sperm, YO provides more information than just a sperm count for couples trying to get pregnant.